5 League Of Legends Characters That Need To Be In Project L

Project L is Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game, which will feature the champions from League of Legends. Riot has already confirmed a few champions that will be on the roster, including Ahri, Illaoi, Darius, Ekko, Katarina, and Jinx. There are over 160 champions for the devs to choose from, which have amazing visuals and kits that are sure to make Project L stand out from other fighting games. The game will more than likely include its most popular characters, as Jinx and Ekko were confirmed shortly after the success of Arcane. Riot hasn’t revealed how many champions they’ll be adding to the game, but will doubtlessly give the champions impressive skills and combos that aren’t limited to just four abilities.

1. Kindred

kindred in league of legends - League Of Legends Shop

Kindred is the embodiment of death, represented by Wolf and Lamb. Lamb swiftly executes those prepared for death with her bow, while Wolf chases and devours those who run from them. Playing Kindred would feel like playing two characters at once, much like Celica Mercury or Relius Clover in Blazblue, who fight beside automatons. In League of Legends, Wolf woefully seems to fade into the background, as Lamb does most of the attacking when their abilities are down. In a fighting game, Wolf would be a more important part of Kindred’s kit and have a playstyle that allows Kindred’s two distinct personalities and fighting styles to shine.

2. Fiddlesticks

fiddlesticks in league of legend - League Of Legends Shop

Fiddlesticks was once considered a joke character, as he was a simple scarecrow with little lore and an outdated character model. His rework made him a demon that fed off of and embodied fear, his raspy and inhuman voice replicating the cries of his previous victims as he terrorizes people with traumatic memories from their past.

Fiddlesticks’ abilities are able to strike fear into his opponents, tricking them with effigies of himself and popping up out of nowhere. His skills can actually jump-care players in League of Legends, and he would have a distinct advantage if he can do the same in Project L.

3. Kayn

kayn and rhaast in league of leg - League Of Legends Shop

Kayn utilizes shadow magic, which allows him to walk through walls and hide inside an opponent, before dealing a major amount of damage. He wields a sentient Darkin scythe named Rhaast, which attempts to corrupt him and take over his body. Kayn can either succumb to Rhaast and transform into a Darkin, or conquer Rhaast, transforming into a shadow assassin. While his abilities remain the same, his playstyle differs in each form. Though he has to attack specific enemies in order to use a specific form in League of Legends, he ideally wouldn’t have such strict limitations in Project L.

4. Sylas

sylas in league of legends - League Of Legends Shop

Sylas was once a prisoner in Demacia, all because he was able to wield much-hated magic and was unwilling to sell out other innocent mages. He is one of the few mages that thrive in close combat. His chains strike his opponents and unleash a burst of magical energy, and he also uses them to lock his enemies down and give himself surprising mobility.

Most interestingly, Sylas is able to steal the enemy’s most powerful ability and use it against them, sometimes utilizing it more effectively than the original owner could. Depending on the success of The Mageseeker, Sylas may also experience the spike in popularity that the characters in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story did.

5. Master Yi

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Master Yi is one of the original characters released in League of Legends. Skilled in the art of Wuju and armed with a blade, he has always been hailed as one of the easiest and most accessible champions for players to pick up.

Master Yi boasts incredible attack and movement speed, can heal himself through meditation, and even has an ability that prevents him from being a target, which many players find hilariously frustrating. He is one of the best swordsmen in the game and would be a nice pick for beginners.

In conclusion, Project L is an upcoming fighting game developed by Riot Games. As a spinoff of the popular MOBA game, League of Legends, Project L is highly anticipated by fans all over the world. While Riot Games has not yet announced the full roster for the game, there are five League of Legends characters that need to be in Project L. https://league-of-legends.shop/