Best Things About League Of Legend’s Magical Girl Event

League of Legends is a game that is constantly evolving, and its events are no exception. The latest event to take the League of Legends community by storm is the Magical Girl event. Inspired by the popular anime genre, this event has brought a new level of excitement to the game. From new skins and emotes to unique game modes and quests, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this event. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the best things about League of Legend’s Magical Girl event and why you should definitely check it out.

1. The Progression System Was Well Thought Out

Quinn And Rell In League Of Lege - League Of Legends Shop

Players did not need to grind out as many games as they did for other events in order to access the main plot. Each act in the chapters could be unlocked after just a few games. Players were not allowed to quickly progress through the entire story at once since some chapters were sealed until a specific date. Players lose interest in the event sooner and are more likely to publish untagged spoilers online when they have access to the complete tale from the beginning. These problems are avoided by unlocking chapters on specific days. While individual LoL character stories required far more effort and didn’t correspond with the chapters, it was more satisfying to put in the time to read about a favorite character.

2. Claggor Made A Brief Appearance

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Fans of Arcane might recall Claggor, a companion of Vi and Jinx who tragically perished while attempting to save Vander. Tragically, he also experiences a horrible ending in the Star Guardian Universe. He was formerly a friend of Ekko’s here. Ekko devotes the majority of his own character arc to trying to figure out how to go back in time and save Claggor, who had been crushed by debris and put into a coma. Despite his survival, doctors warned that he might never walk normally again. Ekko and Kai’Sa are able to return to the time when Zoe assaulted Valoran City, but Claggor turned them down in favor of saving a little girl the way he was intended to do. Sona, the Star Guardian, would eventually be born from this girl.

3. League Offered Many Free Rewards For Playing

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The event was generous with rewards. For playing the game and unlocking story chapters, Riot Games would give players icons, blue essence emotes, and champion Eternals for free. Even players who chose not to purchase an event pass could earn story rewards. Ironically, the client couldn’t keep up with the vast number of rewards, but Riot Games made sure that every player would be able to access the rewards and the story. This was undoubtedly a learning experience for the company, which will surely think of more efficient ways of handing out rewards to players in the future.

4. Riot Games Issued Compensation Missions

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Many players are upset because the event didn’t work as intended. The game client didn’t work properly for some people, and it took days for players to receive their rewards or unlock the content. To their credit, Riot Games issued out compensation rewards to all players each time an issue came up. While the situation wasn’t ideal, granting players orbs and extra tokens was the right thing to do. This eased some player frustration and was a good way to keep players from losing out on too many rewards. It’s important for game developers and publishers to own their mistakes and not punish players for any unforeseen errors beyond anyone’s control.

5. Riot Games Improved Their Visual Novels

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The visual novel type of gameplay was introduced by the Spirit Blossom event. Noting the event’s success, Riot Games would repeat the visual novel format for The Ruined King and Star Guardian events. The Star Guardian version was well-executed and visually more appealing than its predecessors. It utilized more sound effects, animations, backgrounds, and unique cutscene art that made fans grow familiar with Valoran City. The art is extremely memorable and pretty, showing a great deal of attention to detail. Thanks to all the work the employees put into the event, the overall presentation felt close to watching an actual anime.


In conclusion, League of Legends’ Magical Girl event has brought a new level of excitement and entertainment to the game. From the unique game modes and quests to the dazzling new skins and emotes, there are plenty of reasons why players should check out this event. The event’s inspiration from the popular anime genre has added a new layer of creativity and imagination to the game. Additionally, the event has also provided an opportunity for players to come together and engage in a shared experience, strengthening the sense of community within the game. Overall, the Magical Girl event has been a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what exciting events and features League of Legends will bring to players in the future.